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-Links to Polish website articles about activities  relating to the Jewish History of Ostrowiec

Lipa Baumstein - his building and life story

Aug 5, 2023   - -based on translation of article from Yizkor Book)  - Gazeta Ostrowiecka Website

Rosenberg Family visits Ostrowiec

May 31, 2023   - Visit by Rosenberg family to Ostrowiec on Yom Hashoa - Gazeta Ostrowiecka Website

From Heine House to Music Hall

April 13 , 2023   Visit by Avi Borenstein to former Heine House  location - Gazeta Ostrowiecka

Research work on the mass graves at the Jewish Cemetery

April 16, 2023 -work done by Rabbinical Commission for Cemeteries - Gazeta Ostrowiecka

95th Anniversary/Yahrzeit of death of Rabbi Meir Yechiel Halevi

March 12, 2023 visit of Halstuk family to Ohel - Gazeta Ostrowiecka

Leon Fuchs Poem: "Departure"

October 11, 2022 - Gazeta Ostrowiecka

75th Anniversary Ceremony of Kielce Pogrom

July 5 - 2021