Night of Slaughter April 28, 1942

Below are translations of articles about the Night of Slaughter appearing in the Ostrowiec Yizkor book:

Source of the image: Jewish Historical Institute (Żydowski Instytut Historyczny) via Blog w budowie, Monika Pastuszko,

At the back of the original photograph, there is an inscription in Yiddish: The bodies of victims are taken out of the streets after the shooting on April 28, 1942, in Ostrowiec near Kielce.

We do not know the names of the victims on the picture. However, some people standing around are described on the back of the picture.

Leon Klejman – the man in dark garment, taking the body of a unnamed victim (signed with "2” above his head)

Balter, the Jewish Policeman  – the second from the left, in the background ("X”).

Wolman, the member of the Sanitary Commission – the fourth from the left, in a bright suit ("1”).

Monika Pastuszko

"Action" of April 28, 1942

Link to page of Wojtek Mazan (article in Polish)

Below is the English translation of the above link.

"In April 1942, the German authorities carried out an action in GG [...] aimed at eliminating people who could call for resistance against the occupant [...] In Ostrowiec on April 28, 1942, the SS unit made a raid in the area of ​​Iłżecka streets, Sienkiewicz and Stodolna, murdering 36 people, seventy-two people were sent to Auschwitz. "- as reported by Krzysztof Urbański

Between 4:00-6:00 am, the following people were murdered:

  • Ela Bajerman, 39, a merchant
  • Froim Blum, 55, a merchant
  • Jankiel Blum, 21 years old
  • Bajla Cukierfajn Berenstajn, 58 years old
  • Liba Fiszer, 17 years old, worker
  • Szymon Fiszman, 50, porter
  • Ela Fiszman, 19 years old, worker
  • Izrael Grynewajg, age 57, dental technician
  • Mordka Grynewajg, 19, dental technician
  • Icek Ałter Grynberg, 35, a merchant
  • Szlama Naftula Kacelenboim, 58, a merchant
  • Chaim Ida Kristal, age 36, worker
  • Icek Kudłowicz, age 61, trader
  • Aron Majerczyk, 20, a merchant
  • Szymon Majerczyk, 49, a merchant
  • Szymon Majerczyk, 43, a merchant
  • Icek-Josek Maliniak, 35, a merchant
  • Dawid Kopel Mandelbaum, 45, a merchant
  • Szyja Mincberg, aged 59, merchant
  • Berek Morgensztern, 40, worker
  • Dawid Pałacz, age 66, tailor
  • Chersz Dawid Pancer, age 47, merchant
  • Pinkwas Pancer, age 56
  • Joel Sbenbaum[?], Age 57, weaver
  • Srul Mojsze Szerman, 46, tailor
  • Esther Marie Sztajnglas, aged 36, seamstress
  • Frajdla Sztajnglas, 34, seamstress
  • Izrael Chaim Sztam, 40, merchant
  • Josek Targownik, aged 29, baker
  • Ludwik Wacholder, age 58, dentist
  • Majer Wajnberg, age 33, tailor
  • Szyja Wajsdorf, aged 50, butcher
  • Szoel[?] Nachman Wajsfeld, aged 73, a merchant
  • Szlama Lejb Wigdorowicz, 18, worker
  • Mandel Zeisel, 46, attorney
  • Jojna Zylberman, 35, a merchant
4 tombstones of those murdered on Apr 28, 1942