Ostrowcer Cajtung: Issue 1- Page 1

Ostrowcer Cajtung- An Ostrowiec Yiddish Newspaper

"A non-party-affiliated weekly for Ostrowiec, Apt (Opatow) and region"

Issue One- Friday, 3 September 1937- פרשת נצבים תרצ"ז

L. Rotsztajn [Rotshteyn], Publisher. Rynek [Market square] 8
Issue One, page 1

Below are translations of various segments of the newspaper

Translated by Tina Lunson

Our Word to the Reader

With today’s number of our newspaper we open the tribune of Ostrovtse Jewry.  The tribune which is created for the community will serve all parts of Jewish society.

The standard of our tribune will be free and honest.

Free from that which is party-politics, independent of class or group, we will take a stand on all questions that interest the Jewish society in our town.

We declare to you that we will at every opportunity refrain from attacks or blame on groups or individuals.

That does not say however that we will swear off from criticism, for without it our newspaper would lose its meaning for the Jewish community.  We will react and take positions in an appropriate form to all “strong” things in our community, all with the goal of serving the Jewish masses.

And we turn to the Jewish masses with this:  Value the significance of  your=our tribune.  Give us the opportunity, through buying our newspaper, for the tribune to have a secure existence, then – then all will enjoy the fruits of our labor and we are certain that much of the mistreatment and foulness that had a place because of the lack of an open tribune, will disappear from our life.