Szmul Muszkies

Szmul Muszkies

Szmul Muszkies

Photographer & Owner of Rembrandt Studio

Szmul Muszkies, together with his wife Malka, ran a photography studio called "Rembrandt", which operated in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski before World War II. They  lived on Ilzecka #12. The grandparents of Chaja and Ruka  lived on Ilzecka #16 , and that is where Rembrandt Photo studio was.

“Rembrandt stamps on the back of many old photos still appear in Ostrowiec and among descendants around the world." Rembrandt received many orders from the steel factory, and other area industries, for occasional pictures of employees.

Szmul was murdered during the war in Mauthausen.  Malka and their two daughters, Rutka (now Ruth Webber) and Chaja (now Helen Mueller), survived and moved to North America.

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Szmul and Malka Muszkies at their engagment


The Muszkies family in the late 1930s:

Malka, Helen, Ruth and Szmul