Arye & Machla (Silverberg) Zabner

Details courtesy of their daughter Zipora (Zabner) Mannheim

Arye (Laibel) Zabner was a son of Nachman and Faiga  (Bulka) Zabner.

Machla Silverberg was a daughter of Chaim Aharon and Rosa/Shoshanna (Bulka) Silverberg.

They were born in Ostrowiec in the early 1900’s and lived there throughout the war years before being deported to various camps.

Arye was liberated in Mathausen, after spending time in Auschwitz. Most of his family was murdered.

They married in Italy on 6-10-1945 on Hoshana Rabba and moved to Israel in 1948.

Arye was very involved in the Ostrowiec Yizkor book project and the Ostrowiec society.

Bnot Agudath Israel

Bottom row from left to right: Bela Eisenstadt, Machla Silverberg (before marriage to Arye Zabner), Dvora Sylman, and two other classmates.

Top row, third from left: Zusha

Bela, Machla and Zusha were the only ones who survived the Holocaust.

Zabner family at wedding

Arye & Machla Zabner wedding celebration

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