Personalites of Pre-War Ostrowiec

Various Ostrowiec Personalities who lived prior to the Holocaust:

Special thanks to Wojtek Mazan and his blog:

Baron Antoni Edward Fraenkel

Baron Antoni Edward Fraenkel

A banker, industrialist of Jewish origin, Baron Antoni Edward Fraenkel, becomes the owner of the Ostrowiec estate and creates a modern metallurgical plant from the steelworks

Abraham Simon Cohen

A Warsaw merchant, in agreement with count. Henryk Łubieński, acquires the property of Ostrowiec (the beginning of the development of the Ostrowiec smelting industry, the so-called Klimkiewiczów smelter)

Władysław Laski

Through the initiative of Władysław Laski, a banker and industrialist of Jewish origin, the owner of the Ostrowiec smelter, Ostrowieckie plant becomes a joint-stock company, and an iron railway is brought to the city

Szymon Fiszman

President of the Bund in Ostrowiec

Dr. Malinger

Dr. Abram Malinger

A dentist at the Sickness Fund, municipal councilor from 1918

Dr. Jelen

Dr Abram Jelen

A dermatologist and pediatrician, in 1926 on the board of the Ostrowiec Kasa sufferers, in 1933 the head of the Internal Department of the Hospital in Ostrowiec


Abraham Mordechai Szymonowicz

Founder and president of the Association of Support and Propagation of Religious-Talmudic Knowledge "Beit Josef" (House of Józef), whose activity in Ostrowiec falls in the 1930s

Dr. Holler

Dr. Jakub Holler

Latin and German teacher at the Gymnasium Chreptowicz

Josek Pfeffer

Banker, owner of a representative banking house at Aleja 3 Maja

Kiwa Rosset

Kiwa Rosset

The owner of a magnificent apartment building at Aleja 3 May 3

The Krongold Villa

Chaskiel Krongold

Industrialist, owner of the SMOLOPAP factory on Żabia Street and Modernist villa on Skladowej Street

Heine house

Szmul Heine

Industrialist, owner of a sawmill at Kuźnia and a mansion on Iłżecka Street


L. Rotsztajn

Editor of "Ostrowcer Cajtung"-a Jewish-Polish newspaper published in 1938-39 in Ostrowiec