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Llisting of the Ostrowiec company directory of 1929. (Link is in Polish.)

Medical Practitioners


Many more articles and information can be obtained in the Ostrowiec Yizkor Book 1971 via JewishGen table of Contents .


Ostrowiec was filled with many talented people and important movements and organizations. More details on above links.

Some highlights include:

  • The town band included many musical talents such as Leo Spellman, his father Ruben Shpilman, David Beigelman, and the Muskies family.
  • The Muszkies family also owned the renowned photography studio “Rembrandt” frequented by many Ostrowiec families and businesses.
  • The Ostrowcer Cajtung, a Yiddish newspaper, first published in 1937, apprised the local Jews of all the news.

Ostrowiec Businesses

Ostrowiec was a bustling town filled with professionals of all types.  According to the 1929 company directory of Ostrowiec, there were 8 doctors, 3 dentists, 7 banks, 3 construction companies, and many many more who were part of the everyday life in Ostrowiec.

Click here to see a full listing of the Ostrowiec company directory of 1929. (Link is in Polish.)