About Us

The “Jews of Ostrowiec” memorial website is part of the Jews of Ostrowiec Memorial Project that was started in 2017 as a tribute to the Jewish community of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

Yizkor Books

There are two Ostrowiec Yizkor books, published long ago in 1949 and 1971 mainly in Yiddish and Hebrew, that tell the stories and tragic events of the town.  Since then, no major work has been done to translate into the articles into the English language and publicize the important memoirs of the members and survivors of the town.

It is our hope that this project will:

  • Honor the legacy of the once vibrant Jewish community of Ostrowiec.
  • Paint a detailed picture of the town before, during and after the Holocaust.
  • Document the memoirs not yet published of the survivors, and the stories of the victims who perished during the Holocaust.

This will be done by the following activities:

  • Translate most of the 1970 Yizkor book into English, with the assistance of Jewish Gen, and make the articles available in an easy-to-read fashion, accessible over the internet.
  • Gather memoirs from town residents and their descendants, survivors and other sources and publicize them on the Jews of Ostrowiec website.
  • Cooperate with Yad Vashem to gather additional names of Ostrowiec residents who were killed during the Holocaust for their Names Recovery Project.
  • Encourage maintenance and improvements of existing Jewish historical sites in the town.
  • Propose new commemorative Jewish historical sites in Ostrowiec.
  • Promote educational programs and events that highlight and memorialize the former Jewish community


This project is based in Israel but supported by descendants of Ostrowiec around the world. To learn more about this project, please contact: [email protected]