In Memory



The Liquidation of the Ostrowiec Ghetto

1st of Heshvan 5703 (10th October, 1942)

This project is in Memory of the over 10,000 Ostrowiec Jews killed during the Holocaust including, and is currently being sponsored*** by the Borenstein Family ...

In Memory of our Borenstein family :

Grandfather-  Shmuel Zalman

Grandmother – Alta Leya (nee Hirshman)

Aunt -Perla Rosa (age 20)

Aunt- Faiga Tova (age 16)

Uncle- Hershel Hillel (age 14)

…who were separated from our father Jack Borenstein on 1st of Cheshvan (Oct 10, 1942) at the Rynek (Market) Square and sent to their death in Treblinka.

In Memory of our Great-Grandfather, Jankiel (Yankel) Borenstein, killed in the pogrom of July 1904 in Ostrowiec.

Moshe Nisenbaum - Shot  in 1942


In Memory of our Grandfather Moshe Nisenbaum, our late mother’s father, who hid with his wife and children during the forced gathering of the Jews at the Rynek, but after a few weeks was caught and shot in the head in front of his family.

In Memory of the Nisenbaum survivors of the Holocaust from Ostrowiec who are no longer with us: Sprinca our Grandmother, Regina (Rudomin), Bronia / Bracha (Zalowicz)Raphael, Nesia (Borenstein)  Z”L

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