Moshe Nisenbaum - Shot in 1942

Moshe Nisenbaum

Top row: Nisenbaum siblings- Gutcha Biderman, Moszek (Moshe), Aaron
Bottom row: Motel Nisenbaum, Hersz (Henik/Zvi) Bederman (son of Gutcha), Rywka Nisenbaum (mother of Moshe)

Moshe and Sprinca Nisenbaum
Moshe and Sprinca Nisenbaum

Moshe/Moszek was born in 1895, a son of Ella Jankiel and Rywka (Kalechsztajn) Nisenbaum.

His siblings were Ruchla, Abram, Kalman, Motel, Sura Gitla (Gutcha), Hena, and Aron. While most of his siblings left Poland, only he and Gutcha remained.

Moshe married Szprynca Krieger and they had four children: Regina, Bronia, Raphael and Nesia. Moshe had a watchmaker shop on Kościelna street, near the church.

During the liquidation of the Ostrowiec Ghetto on October 11, 1942, Moshe decided not to join the forced gathering of the Jews at the Rynek (market square), and instead, went into hiding with this wife and children. Shortly thereafter, they were all caught, and Moshe was shot dead on the spot.

Miraculously, his wife and children all survived the Holocaust and were liberated in 1945.

After several years in Israel, Regina moved to S. Africa and then Sprinca, Bronia and Nesia moved to Toronto. Raphael moved to Toronto after years in Belgium and USA.