Nazi Criminals

Below are list of a few Nazi criminals that operated in Ostrowiec.  Some of these pages include testimonies made by Ostrowiec residents against the major Nazi criminals active in Ostrowiec.

Nazi Criminal: Johann Holzer

Johann Holzer-Schupo Kielce, Ostrowiec
b. 30.03.1912

during 1940 –1944, as a member of Schutzpolizei in Kielce and Ostrowiec, participated in the killing of Poles and Jews and in persecuting them -death sentence 25.07.1946- executed 02.09.1946

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The 1970 Yizkor book contains information about the main Nazi criminals in Ostrowiec. Below is an excerpt:

  1. Deputy Schwartz– “Schopp” officer in Ostrowiec. In April of 1943 actively participated in the shooting of 7 Jews in the Ostrowiec Jewish cemetery. Witness Shartzky was a member of this group.
  2. Holzer– “Schopp” member I Ostrowiec. Actively participated in the shooting of 97 Jews in April of 1943 in the Jewish cemetery. Witness Shartzky saw Holtser shoot at her.
  3. Peter– Gestapo member in Ostrowiec. Witness Rubenstein verifies the testimonies given in section 2, ph. 1 (c) of the testimony given on 30/9/63, regarding the killing of the Goldwasser family.
    Peter actively participated in the deportation of Ostrowiec's Jews in January of 1943. Approximately 1000 Jews were sent to an extermination camp. Witnesses Heller & Grubner saw Peter during this act.
  4. Wieland– Gendarmerie or “Schopp” member in Ostrowiec. In late October of 1942, Wieland killed 20 Jews returning home from Yeger factory.
  5. Bruner– Gestapo member in Ostrowiec. During the operation on 28/4/42 in Ostrowiec, Bruner killed Dr. Vachudler.
    Bruner actively participated in the deportation in 1943, an operation in which Jews were sent off to extermination camps.

Notation*: The Schutzpolizei des Reiches or the Schupo was the State (Reich) protection police of Nazi Germany and a branch of the OrdnungspolizeiSchutzpolizei is the German name for a uniformed police force. [* source:  Wikipedia]

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