Public Library

In the end of the 1915 summer, soon after the entry of the German army into Ostrowiec, the first public library was established, while the decision to do so was one year old at least, and had been postponed owing to the outbreak of the war. The library became the focal point for all the youths in town, without regard to party affiliations. The founders avoided giving the library any political or social bias, endeavoring to keep its general character, suitable to uniting the various trends of the community and serving as the cultural center of its different circles. Many of the books were collected from private libraries owned by the learned citizens, who shared in the desire of the youth to widen its horizons.

            Excerpt from “A Town Between Two Rivers" by M. S. Geshuri, Yizkor book, 1971, page 44

The first public library was established in our town by the senior Zionists, the brothers Shmuel and Ezra Bumstein; Eliezer HaLevi the bookkeeper, and me. The library held many Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish books, and many of the youth visited it frequently. Under the same roof, many public groups started to form- mostly belonging to Zionist parties, but also representatives of the "Bund," the Poalei Tzion, left and right and more. In this cultural frame, debate nights were held between the different parties, and the leaders of the various parties from the main centers across Poland attended these. I remember the big Herzl rally held at the library on the day of his passing. The city's finest gathered in the hall decorated with Zionist flags and Herzl's portrait. I gave my first speech there in honor of Dr. Herzl. That is how cultural activity happened in the library's joint hall.

            Excerpt from "Ostrowiec, the Town where I grew up" by Simcha Mintzberg, Ostrowiec Yizkor Book, 1971, page 122