1939 Election Map of Ostrowiec

This page is provided courtesy of Aron Raszkiewicz (source: Kielce State Archive)

1939 election map

The map of the 1939 local elections shows that almost all (over 94%) of the people living in the centre of Ostrowiec (around the marketplace, in the streets Iłżecka, Siennieńska, Starokunowska, Sienkiewicza, Szeroka, Górzysta, Młyńska) were Jews.

The colorful lines are constituencies' borders and the black lines are voting circuits. You can see three numbers inside each area: the number of the christians (with the letters "ch"), the number of Jews (with the letter "ż" - like "Żyd") and the summary of both numbers. As you see, 8418 people - 7938 (ca. 94,3%) Jews and 480 christians (ca. 5,7%) lived in the circuit in the centre of Ostrowiec.