Zayde Hirschman ZT''L 1950 July

Aaron Yehuda Leib Hirschman

Written by his grandson Sam Hirschman

Our grandfather, Rabbi Aaron Yehuda Leib Hirschman zt"l, born in 1886, was the son of Israel Mendel and Bella (Rosenberg) Hirschman and lived in Ostrowiec. We were told that he was one of only three men to receive smicha from the Ostrovtze Rebbe. The other two men were the Klausenberger Rebbi and the Ostrovtze Rebbe’s son.

He came to New York with his parents in the 1910s from Ostrovtze. In America, he was a Rabbi, shochet and mohel. He passed away in July 1961. Our great-grandfather Israel Mendel Hirschman zt"l, passed away in April 1944. They are both buried in the Mount Hebron Cemetery in Queens, New York; Israel Mendel Hirschman zt"l is buried in the Ostrovtze section of the cemetery.

Zayde Hirschman ZT''L doing a Bris in 1950
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