Abraham Baumstein

Abraham Baumstein

Abraham Baumstein

Source: Alberto Baumstein grandson of Ezechiel Baumstein and research by website editor.

There were several Baumstein families in Ostrowiec.

Our part of the family lived in the outskirts of the city. The patriarch was Abraham Baumstein, married to Bina (Starkman) they had a small farm (we suppose) and 9 children, some of them started to emigrate to the US in the early years of the 20th. century.
[Editors Note:

Abraham was son of Chaim (b. in Kunow) and Zelda/Ester [Binenstok b. in Ostrowiec] Baumstein.

His siblings were :

Sura Rojza, Laja,  Lipa  ,  Chana.

Abraham died in 1942 in the Holocaust]

Abraham and Bina's children: Joseph (Joe), Hymie, Izzie Baumstein had immigrated before 1920 they settled in NY and in Tennessee, Salka had emigrated to Colombia with her 2 daughters’ following her husband, Abraham Knobel.

Ezechiel left Poland only in 1921, but with the change of the US immigration laws just when he departed, compelled him to change his ticket to another place, and there wait for the visa, so he came to Brazil where he had no family at all. He started his life in Sao Paulo, after a while knew a family from Warsaw that had properties in Ostrowiec, the Rosset family [apparently not related to Akiva Rosset]; the patriarch was Benjamin Rosset his wife Rosa Kanal, who had emigrated from Poland soon after him.
Ezechiel married one of the daughters, Frimche/Fany (Rosset). They had 2 children Moysés and Branca Baumstein. Ezechiel gave up on immigrating to the US and stood in Brazil, along the years had many businesses, most of them in construction and clothing trade.

Three other daughters of Abraham and Bina: Zelda, Manya& Eva, and their youngest child a son, Berk (Bernard) remained in Poland.

Berk (Bernard) Baumstein lived in Ostrowiec and married Dorka (Dora) Kleinman in 1935 and they had a daughter Bina.

During the Holocaust Bernard and Dora changed their names and identities and moved to Warsaw, they tried to send their daughter Bina to be adopted by a couple in Kelce, but it didn’t t work, so they left her under the care of an elderly Polish woman in Warsaw, both under false identities, they never met during the war to preserve their safety.
They reunited at the end of the war as soon they could, they left Poland and went to a refugee’s camp in Germany, in 1947 with the help of the brothers in the US, and they managed to immigrate to NYC.

Bernard and Dora Baumstein joined the Ostrowiec descendants’ association from Toronto (even living in NYC), Bernard had an active role in the NYC chapter of this association for many years. Bernard prepared 25 testimonies to Yad Vashem of family from Ostrowiec murdered during the Holocaust.

Further reading on above descendants:

Bina Bernard- daughter of Bernard (Berk) Baumstein) married the graphic designer Walter Bernard; she had her career writing for People Magazine and recently published her first fiction novel Keeping Secrets by Simon and Schuster’s. Binas book page:

In this youtube video, she talks about her life and new fiction book that is sold on Amazon.

Moysés Baumstein - son of Ezechiel  had a  business in the publishing and editorial field and later in video production. He had a career as a multimedia artist, acting in areas such as painting, engraving video and movie production, and holography.  He married Sarah Goldenberg and had three children:

Moysés pages:
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Baumstein Memorial page from Ostrowiec Yizkor Book 1971
Ezechiel Baumstein1925
Ezechiel Baumstein1925
Right to Left: Bernard, Dora, friend (1935)
Right to Left: Bernard, Dora, friend (1935)
Baumstein post war
L to R: Bernard, Moyses, Dora, Sarah Baumstein
NYC Yizkor Book  Commitee
NYC Yizkor Book Commitee