Basha (Basia) and Sara Sylman


Bashe (Basia) and Sarah (Suya) Sylman were two sisters, granddaughters of the Ostrowiec Chassidic Rabbi, members of “Dror”. They joined the combat group of “Dror” and went to Warsaw to take part in the uprising in the ghetto. During the uprising, their mother was on the Aryan side and found a way of taking her daughters out of the ghetto. But they refused to be rescued. They participated in all the battles from the 18th to the 21st January 1943. Sarah (Suya) fell in the January battles at the age of 17. Bashe fell in the month of May, at the age of 18.

Source: Ostrowiec Youth Fight in the Warsaw Ghetto , 1971 ; Page 345,Ostrowiec Yizkor Book

Family history/details: Bashe and Sara Sylman were daughters of Chaim Fishel and Marya Kajla (Ejger) Sylman. Among their siblings were brother Avraham (b. 1925) and Moshe (b.1936)

Their maternal grandparents were Shlomo and Feiga Ejger and paternal grandparents Joychen and Ruchla Sylman

Sara/Sura was mentioned in the article from the Ostrowiec Yizkor Book 1971 that talks about her bravery in the Ostrowiec bunker and her joining the Ghetto uprising in Warsaw.

Source: Polish registry archives- see photo image on this page


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