Yizkor Book 1971 memorial page showing family of Basia murdered in Holocaust
Yizkor Book 1971 memorial page showing family of Basia murdered in Holocaust

Basia Halberstadt Folkman

Basia lived in Lublin with her parents, sister and brother.

Her parents were: Neta (son of Benjamin) Halberstadt and Bracha (daughter of Shmuel David (Shafran).

Her father was an accountant. She graduated from a vocational school in Lublin. The family moved to Ostrowiec and during the war, ended up in the
ghetto. Her parents and sister died. She was left alone with her younger brother.
In the ghetto, she went to work for a German woman. On March 28, 1942, she escaped from the ghetto
with Cesia Kleiman. They came to Warsaw and wandered around the city for a long time...and got in
touch with friend from Ostrowiec Edzia Fefer who put her in touch with Janina Grundgand, her
Basia was placed with Mira Merson. After a few weeks, she had to change her address because Mrs.
Merson also looked after other Jews. She moved to the Dulski family. The Dulskis took good care of her
until the end of the Warsaw Uprising. Janina Grundgand prepared Aryan documents for Basia, brought
Basia's brother to Warsaw from Ostrowiec, and Basia found a job for him.
During the Warsaw Uprising, Basia did not go down to the shelter because of her Semitic appearance.
She was injured in the apartment. After the uprising, she lay in a hospital in Milanówek for a year. From
there, her cousin took her to Radom. She returned to Warsaw after some time, found her brother. in
1946 They both left for Germany and two years later for Israel.

Her parents and sister  Zipora were killed during the Holocaust.

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