Berl Braude (Brojde)

Berl Braude

Berl Braude 

Based on the book by Hanka Grupińska
"Odczytanie Listy. Opowieści o powstańcach żydowskich" (English translation:"Reading the List: Tales of Jewish Insurgents"), Krakow 2003
Her latest version of the book in Polish can be purchased here.

Berl Braude (Brojde) he was born in Slonim.… He prepared for the life of a pioneer in Eretz Yisrael with courses in the Borochów kibbutz in Lodz.

A few months after the outbreak of the war, he moved to Warsaw and settled in a chalutzia commune at Dzielna 34. In June and July 1940,  he was a secretary of the kibbutz in Sterdynia and Ceranów, near Małkinia. During the day of the chałówka, they worked on a farm in the Polish heir, and in the evening, they sang Hebrew songs and listened to Berl's talks.

In the autumn of 1941, Berl was sent by his organization to Ostrowiec to prepare a group of Dror members for self-defense. A few months before the uprising, Chawka Folman brought him from Ostrowiec. They rode through Warsaw with a horse-drawn carriage. Berl with his head bandaged because he had Jewish eyes and jet black hair - he looked too dangerous. On November 29, 1942, Berl Braude shot an agent of the Gestapo, Israel Furst.

On January 17, 1943, the Germans captured the group of Berl Braude. Berl jumped off the train somewhere near Treblinka. He returned to Warsaw. In February '43 he was appointed commander of the Dror battle group in the central ghetto. In the first days of the uprising, they were quartered on Milej 29. They fought on Miła and Zamenhof.

On May 8, 1943, Berl Braude was in the bunker at Miła 18. He was injured, he could not shoot himself and he asked his friend for help.

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