Brikman Family

3 brothers

Beirish, Motke and Paltiel Brikman

Brikman Family

Avraham Mendel (Menachem) Brikman was born in 1895 to Nachum and Basya Brikman in Kunow, Poland. He later lived in Ostrowiec and was married to Miriam Feintuch.  They had several children: Paltiel (b. 1916), Dov/ Beirish (b. 1918), Sara Rivka/Rivzo (b. 1919), Chana Perl (b. 1922), Mordechai/Motke (b. 1924), Arye/Leibo (b. 1927), Esther Lea (b. 1930), and Frida Bluma (b. 1933).

Of the eight children, only three survived: Paltiel and Beirish who spent the majority of post war years in Toronto, and Motke who married Raizel/Shoshana Shvartzman and lived in Israel after the war.  Their father nearly survived; he died in the final months of the war in 1945.

Map of Jewish Quarter

Motke Brikman

Motke was the youngest of the 3 surviving brothers. He was famous among Ostrowiec survivors for drawing the Ostrowiec map of Ostrowiec Jewish area as seen here.

motke inmate (1)
motke at desk