Chaim Pipek

Chaim Pipek - story on Yizkereim

Chaim Pipek  and his brother Efraim survived the Holocaust. Chaim parent's page can be seen here.

Chaim moved to Israel but fell in the 1948 war. His story is below, based on text from the  website that commemorates the memory of fallen Israeli soldiers.


Chaim, son of Nechama and Gutman, was born on May15, 1925 in Ostrowiec. He studied in charedim and in an elementary school, and at the age of 14 the horrors of the World War descended on him. He went, together with his brother, through all the hardships and tribulations in concentration and extermination camps, and other camps in Germany and Austria. After liberation, when they found their hometown destroyed and none of their family members survived, he lamented his great lamentation in folk rhymes after arriving in Israel on the ship "Wedgwood." Two days after arriving in Israel, the “Black Sabbath” descended on the yishuv (June 29, 1946), and the days of search and siege. But his faith in a better future was firm and he didn’t lose hope. He worked as a laborer and tried to forget the nightmares of the past, he was a good and cheerful friend and ready to help others.

On  March 1, 1948, he enlisted in the Defense Forces and served in the Givati ​​Brigade. He participated in escorting convoys to the Negev, in the defense of Negba, in the battles of Beit Daras, Maghar, in the attacks on the Iraq Suwaydan police posts, and in the Ashdod front. After the first cease-fire he excelled in the battle in Julis and the breakthrough to the Negev. After the second cease-fire he continued in the attacks on the military posts in Karatiyya, on blocking the Egyptian road to Beit Govrin, and Givat Ya’akov. The conquest of Beit Guvrin and the cleansing of the Iraq Suwaydan police posts. Later, his company left from Lachish to purify the area of Dawaymeh in the Hebron Mountains from the murderers' nests. After a successful punitive action in the village of Sika, the company was attacked with fire. On December 2,1948, when Chaim wanted to put the machine gun into action, a bullet hit his heart. The next day he was laid to rest at the military cemetery in Kfat Warburg.

Bottom left lying down:, Chaim Pipek  , brother of Efraim in early years in Israel
Bottom left lying down:, Chaim Pipek , brother of Efraim in early years in Israel