Chana Steinhardt Adler

Chana Steinhardt Adler

As told by her nephew Amichai Dreifuss

Chana (Steinhardt) Adler was my aunt, my mother's elder sister. She was married to Yossl Adler. They had 3 little children.

Chana’s mother (my grandmother) was Pesla Steinhardt.


Pesla surrounded by four of her children and her son-in-law, in Ostrowiec, around 1938.

Standing from left to right: Rachel Steinhardt (my mother), Yitzchak Steinhardt, Chana Adler

Seated: Meylech Steinhardt, Pesla Steinhardt, Yossel Adler


My mother Rachel with her nephew Mayer Yaakov, 3 years old, Ostrowiec, 19/4/1938.  The picture was sent to my mother's sister in Palestine. The last sign of life she received from her family in Ostrowiec is dated Nov. 6, 1941.

A letter from Chana in Ostrowiec that was sent to my uncle in New York in 1940. My uncle forwarded it to my mother and her sister in Palestine.


In 1941, a message from Chana in Ostrowiec to her family in Palestine had to be relayed by the Red Cross, since at that time the US had entered the war and the post links with German-occupied Poland were cut off. The addressee is Israel Waiman in Tel Aviv, my mother's brother-in-law.