Gold Family

Gold Family 1930

Gold Family

As told by Marsha Krakowsky

My maternal grandparents were Annie and Joseph Gold.  They had four children- my mother Rose, Betty, Mary, and Percy.

The Gold family left Ostrowiec in the early 1930s to Toronto, Canada.  They lived at Willcocks and Robert streets in Toronto.

Grandfather was a roofer.  The family went to the Ostrowiec Shul on Cecil St.  The shul started to decline in membership in the 1960's as everyone moved to Bathurst Manor.

Uncle and sister

Percy and one of the sisters, who passed away on the boat on route to Canada.

Grandmother and 2 daughters

Annie and two of her daughters

Gold family 1950s

Family 1950 – Left to right: Father (Sam), Annie, Joseph, and my mother Rose