Icek Kojfman Pilcmacher

Source: Camila Santos, great grand-daughter of Icek.

Written by Adriana  Lerman and edited by Avi Borenstein

Icék Kojfman Pilcmacher (Isaac Pilcmacher ) was born in Ostrowiec on August 4, 1893, son of Dawid Pilmacher (who may have been a barber in Ostrowiec) and Szajndla Huzenman.

Icek was a tailor and  married Hena Waksman daughter of Jankiel Waksman and Łacia Łaja Kogut.

In Ostrowiec, they had 3 daughters, including: Chawa (listed as Eva) , Alda, and Nacha ( born in 1921) . All three were blind.

He emigrated to Argentina between 1921 and 1923.

Once they arrived in Argentina, they had 2 more daughters:


Adela Dina ( maternal grandmother of Camila Santos)-born on March 10, 1933, and continued with her father's profession as a tailor.

Icék Kajman Pilcmacher died in Argentina on May 19, 1976, at the age of 83.

He was buried in the Jewish Cemetery of La Tablada .