Jewish Police in Ostrowiec

The Jewish Police in Ostrowiec is talked about in various articles in the Ostrowiec Yizkor Books. In this page, we will try to share some of this information.

Ostrowiec Yizkor Book, 1971, page 53 English section

The commander of the Jewish Police was nominated Ber Blumenfeld, and his replacement was Moshe  Puczyc  . Gradually, the Jewish Police assumed also other functions, like catching the Jews in the streets to put them to various assignments, or tow send them to various camps, or to arrest some of them for non-payment of taxes, or else to help remove furniture from homes. Often they would beat up their victims on top of all that.

On Shemini Atseret (the last day of Passover), the Jewish Police – on orders of the German Labour Office – spread all over the town and caught 150 for work in the Strachowice factories


Moshe (Marian) Puczyc and Mordechai Golstein were residents of Ostrowiec and served in the Jewsh police force in the Ostrowiec Ghetto. The historian Rivka Brot wrote about the legal proceedings conducted against them in the Israeli courts, and the document can be read here: There_Wasn_t_a_Righteous_Person_among_T.