Krongold family photo

Chaskiel and Chaya Krongold seated with Nachman, Fajga, Baruch, Gutta, and Hershel standing behind them

Krongold Family


The Krongold family was well known in Ostrowiec.

Szmula and Bracha Perla Krongold had many children including: Baruch Yisrael, Hitza Chaya, Rachel, Pryva Shandla, Sura Roize, Rivka, Marmita and Golda.

Their other two children Chaskiel and Jonasz Krongold had the famous Smolopap roofing factory and other businesses .

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Chaskiel Krongold
Chaskiel Krongold


Chaskiel and his wife Chaya lived in a beautiful villa. Their children were: Nachman, Baruch, Hershle, Feiga, Shmuel , Chana and Guta.

The Krongold Villa
The Krongold Villa

Chaskiel and Chaya, and their children Nachman, Baruch and Hershle were killed during the Holocaust:

Feiga survived the war by hiding and living with Aryan papers.  Sadly, she was killed, along with four others, in a shooting in an apartment (belonging to Pinhas Lederman) at Sienkiewicza/Radomska  34 in Ostrowiec on March 19, 1945. The Polish A.K. (Armja Krajowa) organized the murderous attack that brutally killed five people, and badly wounded several others.

Guta also survived the war and by a miracle, Guta’s daughter Ruth, who was placed in a Polish home, also survived. Guta, who was previously married to Yechezkel Schwartz who remained in Poland after the war, remarried to Yossef Griffel in Israel.

Shmuel died before the Holocaust.

Chana died in Israel in 1969

Jonasz Krongold’s daughter Hela moved to Palestine in 1936.  His wife Zysla, son Moniek/Samuel Morris and daughter Fajgunia/Fanny survived the Holocaust and moved to Canada.  Zysla’s grandaughter Rosalie Abella became a supreme court judge.


On February 1st, 1948, Mr. Motel Cukierfajn born 27/07/1907, residing Grunwalderstrasse 30, Munich, ID Card B VII 28813,

Made the following Statement before the Legal Department of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews of Germany:


Franz Jäger was a man highly trusted by the Gestapo. I knew him personally from  1940  until october 1942. His Brother-in-law Berger was Oberscharführer (high Military grade) at the SD -: Security Service. I know for certain  that Jäger was responsible for the resettlement of jews from several towns in Galizia. He was the trustee of a brickyard in Ostrowiecz; approximately 400 Jews  worked under his command. In 1942, 6 Jews were shot by the Security Service upon Jäger’s order within the Brickyard permises.   This same year, during the resettlement of the Jews of Ostrowiecz , I personally witnessed  how Jäger, Trustee of an Alcohol-factory, handed the Jewish manager of this factory, as well as several Jewish workers, over to a resettlement transport.

On November 8, 1943 , Jäger , from his place of work established and remitted a list of 22 Jewish workers and sent these Jews to the extermination camp Firle near Radom.


I know the names of 10 of these Jews:

  • Enoch Wurman, 2) Nathan Penzak, 3) Mrs. Friedenthal, 4) Chil Weinberg, 5) Minkowski and his son, 6) Chawa Schneidermann, 7) Mrs. Schwarzmann and Child, 8) Chastel Krongold, 9) Scheind Rotter, 10) Mrs. Kerbel.

Jäger, promising work to Jewish applicants, stole jewels and other items of value from them , but never gave them work. In August 1944 Jäger sent Jews from his place of work and other work places in Ostrowiecz to the concentration camp.





I hereby certify that the above declarations are true - being aware of the consequences of false declarations . I am willing to witness before a Court.

The witness Motel Cukierfajn’s signature is hereby certified


Testimony of Chaskiel Krongold and others

Jonasz Krongold’s daughter Hela moved to Palestine in 1936.  His wife Zysla, son Moniek/Samuel Morris and daughter Fajgunia/Fanny survived the Holocaust and moved to Canada.  Zysla’s grandaughter Rosalie Abella became a supreme court judge.

Sura/Sara Roize Krongold married Baruch Rubinstein. Their great grandson Rafael Goldchain is a photographer and artist and shares much of his family history in his work. (see: I am my Family)