Yisrael Zvi Meir and Rachel Erlich


(Zvi) Meir (Yisrael Hersh according to his birth certificate) was married to  Rachel (Perlmutter)  and had 8 children:

  • Hindele, married to Moshe Lederman, who had 3 daughters, that died in the Holocaust.
  • Tamar, who also died in the Holocaust.
  • Yechezkel, that left Ostrowiec before the war. See his detailed page here.
  • Zviya Leah who survived but reached Israel completely shaken
  • Avraham Fishel, who left Ostrowiec before the war to Brazil
  • Two additional sisters and his brother Chaim died before the war

The couple died in the Holocaust.
Coming soon below, is an article from the Yizkor Book 1971, written by Arie Libman.