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As per Israel Blajberg

Today in Poland – MEMORIAL Unveiled In Memoriam of Jewish Martyrs from Ostrowiec

For the first time this year snow has fallen in Ostrowiec. Perhaps nature wanted to mark the day, 12 October 2015, when at noon, after 73 years of destruction in 1942 of the Ostrowiec ghetto, at the site where once stood the beautiful wooden synagogue close to the Rynek (market) and the cemetery, a monument was unveilled, with an inscription in Polish, Hebrew and English, recalling about 15,000 Jews of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski and its surroundings murdered during World War II by the Germans genocides - Here was erected a synagogue desecrated and destroyed by the German occupiers.

Inscription on the Monument:

In memory of about 15000 Jews from Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski and the vicinity murdered by the German genociders during the World War II.

Nearby stood a synagogue descrated and demolished by the German occupiers.

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