Nazi Criminal: Motschall

Nazi Criminal: Motschall

Bruno Motschall joined the Nazi party in 1931 and was a member of the administration of the "General Government". He served as a commissioner in several occupied Polish cities, including in the years 1940–1944 when he was the city commissioner of  Ostrowiec.

One of his notices about hiding Jews can be seen below.


There have been repeated incidents of hiding refugee Jews among Poles.

Drawing attention to the 3rd ordinance of October 15, 1941 (YO. BI. GG. P. 595) on the limitation of stay in the General Government, I advise that whoever provides food to refugee Jews or sells food, he will be punished with death.

The caution is final.

Ostrowiec, September 28, 1942

City Commissioner



Image of notice courtesy of Wikipedia