Ora Hofman
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Ora Hofman

Below is an excerpt of the Ostrowiec youth mentioned in the book ‘HaDerech Lecherut' (The Way to Freedom)  written by Joseph Zvi Halperin. [Page:27]

 The Ostrovtzer youth who reached our group were sent to us by the local committee people who feared for the refugees’ lives. They arrived in two groups: The first group, five girls and a boy, arrived in the second half of May; the second group, four girls and three boys, around a month afterwards. Some of these youths belonged to Zionist youth groups before the war, mainly to Betar; others came without any Zionist motivation, at times even against their will. (From among the thirteen Ostrovtzers who came to us in Kielce, only six settled in the Land; one girl who remained in Kielce was murdered there on July 4, 1946; six girls left us along the way and settled in America.)

Ora Hofman

Ora Hofman was the most prominent of the Ostrovtzer girls and was chosen for the first secretariat (photo 5). While in Gretz, she left us after discovering that her mother had survived and was in Poland. Today she lives in Canada.

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Cover of book in Hebrew: "The Way to Freedom"