Ostrowcer Cajtung: Issue 2- Page 3

Ostrowcer Cajtung- An Ostrowiec Yiddish Newspaper

"A non-party-affiliated weekly for Ostrowiec, Apt (Opatow) and region"

Issue One- Friday, 3 September 1937- ערב סוכות תרצ"ח

Issue One, page 3

Below are translations of various segments of the newspaper

Translated by Tina Lunson

Ostrowce Life

The Ostrowcer Rebi is for the Jewish State

Much sensation was called forth among the hundreds of Jews who attended the shabes tshuve droshe given by the local Rov, when the Rov expressed, among other things, that the planned Jewish state is a beam of light for the Jewish people.  Indeed, not a sun shine but just a moon shine.  The Rov then cited the mishne from Yoma where it is said, “One time the light that appeared was the light of the moon and they assumed that dawn had broken…”

About Jerusalem the Rov said, the Jewish people must more warmly esteem the heart of erets-yisroel which is Yerushalayim.  We must speak of Yerushalayim with love in our hearts, and about the land which is Yerushalayim.

The Jewish Community in a new location

We have been informed that the kehile has leased a handsome space for the community office on Glogowski Street.  The kehile will move to the new location on the first of November.

Issue 2-Page 3

Our Institutions :  Linat HaTzedek

(Translated from Yiddish by Libby Raichman)

[Hostel for the poor that provided medical assistance and lodgings for the needy]

The organization Linat Hatzedek in our town is continuing to progress according to its traditional productive activities in the sphere of providing assistance for the poor who are ill.

President of the organization is Dr. Malinger, vice-president V. Grinberg, treasurer Y. Miknbrun.

Free medicinal assistance is provided by the eminent doctors – Abramowicz, Meyer, Yellin, Shafel, and Mr. and Mrs. Shibber. In the report of their activities, the numbers are a sufficient indication of the extensive assistance provided.

We are presenting here a few of the figures, for a period of 9 months. In this period, the following was provided: 318 medical examinations in clinics, 547 examinations of the sick, in their homes, and in respite, 483 injections, 61 under investigation and X-rays, 670 prescriptions from pharmacies, and 1007 prescriptions distributed in clinics. Recently, the epidemics such as Typhus, Dysentery, the Flu, etc. have drawn on the already weak finances, and the organization feels that the situation is dangerous if the community does not fulfill its responsibility in time, towards the poor Jewish person, at the time of his most urgent need – during an illness.

It is important to mention that people can turn to the Linat Tzedek when in difficult financial circumstances, and their information will remain confidential.




The new location for City Hall

The second story of City Hall building, on which the magistrate began construction after the fire that happened there last year, will be ready on the first of November.  Offices to be found there will be the meeting hall, the construction department, bookkeeping, and so on.

The current meeting hall will be remodeled for a larger office for the town president.

There will also be an office designated for the aldermen.

The Endek* Councilman Mr. Zutshinski advances…

The well-known Endek Councilman Zutshinski, who more than once has been allowed to introduce his sharply antisemetic views in town council meetings, has been designated as a nominee for state president.  His place as Endek representative in the town council will be filled by Mme. Sakarewitsh/Rakarewitsh.

Ostrowiec Jews will barely be able to bear Rep. Zutshinski’s absence…

[* Endek is the National Democratic party of Poland.  Transl.]

 A new chief for the tax office

In the place of the current tax chief of the office for fiscal _________ Mr. Navranski, who will move back to his previous office in the Keltz, Mr. Drozshrel, also of the Keltz fiscal __________, has been designated.

What about the sanitation campaign?

As we were informed by credible sources, the sanitary-hygienic campaign that was recently conducted for us with sharp methods like razing buildings, fences etc., has been stopped until winter-time.  Attempts in that direction were made by the Jewish Councilmen’s Club and Aldermen Beyglman and Councilmember Shimara Brash.  The decision about delaying the operation over the winter was made after their return from the vacations of President H. Sokul and Alderman Beyglman.

A new school building

Since the manufacturing management has further declined to keep the Folks-shul No. 3 in their venue, the magistrate has undertaken to construct a new school building in the Pandiks area on Berger Street.

Credit for house construction b

The bank Gaspararstvo Krayovega recently announced a credit of 66 thousand zlotych for building new houses in our town.

There are two others on the distribution committee, the Messrs. Rubinshteyn, Leverson and Goldshteyn.

Even for money they will not accept any Jewish pupils

For the new school year it was announced that the business school will examine 100 Jewish children who have paid in the examination fee.

Of those examined only a few students were accepted.

Commentary is superfluous…

The town’s vice-president on vacation

The town’s vice president Mr. Rusharsanovski is on vacation.  His functions are being taken care of by the president, Mr. Sokul.


Kheyder Yisodei haTorah “Foundations of Torah”, Ilzetska 45

Through energetic work we have praise God succeeded in engaging a special expert, an educator from the Warszawa seminary.  Studies will be conducted on the highest level.  Hebrew and Yiddish will be taught by the educator.  Secular subjects will be conducted by a special leader from the Pozshekhne schools.

Whoever wants to partake of our good healthy kheyder rooms and the masterful studies and the good management of our kheyder should come early to enroll his child in our kheyder.

Board and Administration of the kheyder

Of Ostrowcer Life

The fight against Jewish trade worries one sick.  The fight against Jewish trade had also not missed our town.  Until today the fight was conducted on the quiet.  Peasants were called to gatherings and propagandized not to go to Jewish stores and so on.

More recently the haters are out of their holes and have begun to openly preach their poison sermons.  So it was that last Sunday leaflets were distributed in the churches with sharp antisemitic slogans.

It is very sad that in a time when the fight for extermination is so well organized that Jewish groups are dominated by such dilapidation and disorientation and our big politicians “know” yet cannot raise one step higher than their own personal and small-time ambitions.  When will they, in spite of everything, comprehend the responsibility the difficult moment of today?