Ostrowiec was well known for its spiritual leaders who shaped the religious character of Ostrowiec and the Jewish community at large. On this page, you will find links to articles about Ostrowiec’s chief Rabbis, Rabbi Meir Yechiel haLevi Halstock and his son Rabbi Yechezkel Halstock, as well as various rabbis and admorim (spiritual leaders in the Hasidic movement) who brought honor and glory to the name of Ostrowiec throughout the Jewish world.

Last Chief Rabbis of Ostrowiec

Rabbis and Admorim

Rabbis and Admorim of Ostrowiec

List and information about 13 Ostrowiec Rabbis, excerpted from the 1971 Yizkor book

Links to other articles on Ostroweic Rabbis

Rabbi Mordechai Shimonovitch

Rabbi of Bet Yosef Yeshiva

R’ Leybush Halshtok of Blessed Memory

Ostrowiec Yizkor book 1971