Ruth Webber


The Muszkies family in the late 1930s: Malka, Helen, Ruth and Szmul

Ruth Webber

Ruth is the daughter of Malka and Szmul Muszkies, a professional photographer of the "Rembrandt" photography studio until the outbreak of war, who currently resides in the USA.

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Below are two oral history videos of Ruth:


Ruth Webber nee Muszkies at her liberation from Auschwitz in 1945 – Ruth is third from the left in the back row

Visit to Treblinka 1996

Ruth with her husband Mark visiting Treblinka in 1996

Ruth aunt and Ruths mom

Helen Mueller, Malka (Mollie) Muszkies and Ruth Webber in 1980

After liberation spring 1945

Ruth after liberation- Spring 1945