Sam Frydrych


Sam Frydrych was born on April 1, 1930 in Ostrowiec, son to Shimon and Golda.

He had four brothers and a sister . His parents were deported to Treblinka . His sister Beila  was shot trying to escape. He and his brothers were moved from ghetto to ghetto until they ended up in Auschwitz.

According to documented sources (1) he was in the transport of Aug 4 1944  with his brothers and registered as follows:

B- 4855 Frydrych Szmul
B-4858 Frydrych Henja [Nechemia ?]
B-4860 Frydrych Benjamin


Despite his age, he was selected for work duty, because he was tall and strong, as were his older brothers. But the youngest brother Pinchas  was taken from his arms and he never saw him again.

After liberation Sam went home to Ostrowiec only to face a pogrom by the Poles. He made his way to a DP camp and in 1948 was selected as one of the 1300 orphans that Canada accepted after the war.

His brother Nechemia Binyamin moved to Israel and Yosef Meir was in USSR (as indicated in the family's memorial listing in the  Yizkor Book of 1971)

In Canada he built a new life, married Adele, and passed away on July 8, 2023.


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3-Ostrowiec Yizkor Book 1971 (Memorial ad placed by Sam and his surviving brothers)


Memorial Ad from Ostrowiec Yizkor Book 1971