Shlomo David Eiger


Shlomo David Eiger

As related by his grandson, Roberto Akerman:

This photo, taken in 1922, is of Shlomo David Eiger, son of Baruch and Hadas (Mintzberg) Eiger, who was born in Minsk Mazowiec in 1899. His family moved to Ostrowiec probably in 1905. He lived there until he left alone to Brazil in 1922.

His siblings Yaakov, Hadas, Foyt, Tamara/Tunch also came to Brazil before the war, but his sister Pearla remained in Poland and died in the Holocaust.

In Brazil, Shlomo married Sarah Rosset and they had 3 children: Bernardo, Moyses Luiz and Gitla, my mother.

Shlomo David Eiger passed away in São Paulo, Brazil in 1985, at the age of 86.