Old streets from Ostrowiec
Old streets from Ostrowiec


Streets in Ostrowiec

This page will in future contain information about the streets in Jewish district of Ostrowiec.

Zatylna and Tylna streets  - These streets were once parallel separate  streets but after the war, Zatylna became Tylna street.

Kynow street- this  probably refers to Kunowska street which today is called Starokunowska [Old Kunow street]

Shvamma street- One descendant explains"  My mother told me it was because all the members of a family living in Starakunowska street died after eating poison mushrooms in this street . Shvamma is mushrooms in Yiddish "

Thanks Wojtek Mazan for assistance with the street history


Old streets photo on this page is from Wojtek Mazan's blog: https://zydowskiostrowiec.blogspot.com/2015/01/ulica-zatylna.html