Rabbi Yaakov Menachem Mendel  and Chava Goldfinger

Yaakov and Chava Goldfinger

Rabbi Jakob Menachem Mendel Goldfinger ( born around 1850/1860 d. Feb 16 1925), the son of Szmul Zajwel and Chana Hinda Goldfinger.

 Rabbi Jakob Menachem Mendel was a leader of the Jewish community and important Gur Chassid. He established the "Linat Hazedek" charity and the "Yesodei Hatora" Yeshiva that was based in the Heine House at one time. He played important roles in various community committees and secretary of Agudat Yisrael.

His siblings were:

 Fajga/Peichel Frydland-She and  her sons Yaakov (and wife Chava and children), Zvi (and wife Sara and children),daughters Chaya (and husband Yosef Geffen and children), Rachel (and husband Yaakov Weibrodt and children) all were killed in Holocaust.

Matla Ryfsia Taub

Leib Goldfinger -married Esther . They and their children were murdered in the Holocaust.

Rabbi Jakob Menachem Mendel married  Chawa  (Koplowicz) and had the following children:

Fruma Malka Enoch -married Yosef Enoch. Died in Treblinka in 1942.

Herszel Tzvi Shlomo- married Yehudit and daughters Chava and Hinda

 Yitschak -married Hadassa (Mincberg) and daughters Chava and Sara. Read here about Sara.

Moshe --after the war, lived in Petah Tikva, Israel

Chaim Yehuda Lejb -after the war, lived in Haifa, Israel (was married to Dobra Lubing who died in 1943 in Czestochowa.

Shmuel Zewulun -died in the Ostroweic "small Ghetto"

Menakhem Mendel Meir-died in the Holocaust

Lea Ita --after the war, lived in Jerusalem, Israel

Eliezer-after the war, lived in Jerusalem,



Yizkor Book 1971

Memorial ad on the Goldfinger family from Yizkor Book 1971