Alter Family

Avraham Mordechai and Leah Alter lived in Ostrowiec. Avraham Mordechai was well known in the community for his charitable efforts and loans to the needy.  His son Naftali wrote  a Hebrew testimony about his father in the 1970 Yizkior book, as can be seen here.

Avraham Mordechai and Leah were murdered in the Holocaust along with some of their children:

  • Levi Yosef Chaim, his wife Ruchche and their children Moshe Elyakim Berya and Miriam
  • Chana Devorah
  • Chaya

During the Holocaust, their children Naftali and Yocheved were hidden by a righteous gentile Henryk Małkiewicz.  Read Henryk's story here.

Naftali Alter's Testimony

"In the middle of May, the day they planned to escape, Henio cut the wire of the gate and took each of us, one at a time, on his bike from the camp to the forest. When we were all together, he led us to a home of a farmer that was willing to hide us for money. There we hid for a few months. Henio would come to see how we were doing."

Naftali Alter
Naftali Alter
Alter family yizkor book