Henio Małkiewicz

Henio Małkiewicz

Righteous Among Nations

Henryk Małkiewicz

His Rescue Story

Małkiewicz hid four Jewish escapees on his farm. He looked after them with dedication and provided for all their needs, without expecting any payment in return.

---excerpted and translated from Wojtek Mazan's blog


"The greatness of his actions, greatness of his heart, and bravery of the spirit of Henio Małkiewicz and only thanks to him I and three other survivors were able to build glorious families....

I told him that my condition was bad and I am in an illegal location and then he immediately offered to take me out of the camp and hide me in the forest near his home. He put me on his bike right away since anyway I did not have anything or any belongings to take. When we got to the forest, he left me there alone, went home and brought me warm clothes and always cared to calm me..." Excerpt of testimony of Henia Kudlowicz Sylman


On October 18, 2023 Henio passed away at age 100 . May his memory be a blessing.

Mode of Rescue

  • Hiding


Henio Oct 2021
Henio Oct 2021
Henio in Israel
Henio in Israel
Henia Kudlowicz  Kudlowicz  on left during Henio's visit to Israel.
Henia Kudlowicz Kudlowicz on left during Henio's visit to Israel.

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