Shmuel and Henya Sylman2

Shmuel and Henia Sylman

Sylman Family

Rabbi Dovid Sylman

Rabbi Dovid Sylman

Details courtesy of Sara Sylman 

The Sylman Family was a prominent family in Ostrowiec.

Rabbi Dovid Sylman married Yente, the daughter of Rabbi Meir Yechiel Halstock.

Their children were: Moshe Yisral ,Yosef Neta, Idl (Yehuda) and his twin brother Shmuel, Dvora, Yaacov and Yechezkel Avigdor.  Rabbi Dovid Silman passed away during the 1920s.  The rest of the family were killed during the Holocaust, aside for Shmuel who escaped to Russia.

Shmuel married Henia Kudlowiecz (sister of Rachel Freyda Kudlowiecz) in December 1945.  After the war, they moved to Peru and later to Israel.

Yosef Nute Sylman

Yosef Neta Sylman

Moshe Yisrael Sylman

Moshe Yisrael Sylman

Shmuel Sylman2

Shmuel Sylman