Feiga Krongold

(Excerpt of words told by her nephew Giora Griffel)
Feicha Krongold was born in 1908 in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland. She was the daughter of Chazkiel Krongold and Chaja Maria Krongold. Her father was an affluent, successful businessman, who owned two factories: one for asphalt paper and the other for leather products. Because of his wealth he also owned a large amount of real estate properties in the town.
After the occupation of Poland by the Germans most of her family members, including her mother, her three brothers, and their families were captured and sent to death camps where they were murdered. Her father Chazkiel Krongold was left behind so he could assist in managing the two factories that were important to the German war machine. Two years later, after the Germans decided that he was no longer needed for the operation of the factories, Chazkiel Krongold was taken to the woods along with a group of other Jewish men and was executed.
Feicha managed to escape the fate of the rest of her family and joined the Polish underground movement fighting the Nazi occupation. As a Jew she had to hide her identity even from her underground fighting comrades. She did so by adopting a false identity as a non-Jewish woman named Felicja Kwiatkowska (see photos of the documents on this page).
She served alongside and under the command of the legendary Jan Brezezinski "Antek".
After the war she joined with her sister Guta (Gitla) Szajndla Krongold (my mother) and together, along with a group of others from their hometown, they went to visit Ostrowiec to find out the fate of their family and other people of the town. On that night a group of Polish people led by the son [Ludwik Krzymiński ] of the Polish man who was appointed by the Germans to manage her father's factories - treuhaender  raided the women and massacred them.
Her sister Guta, who had to go back to Warsaw earlier to take care of her young daughter Ruth, who was then only 5 years survived the attack. Fearing that her fate would be similar to that of her sister, she adopted the false identity papers of her sister as Felicja Kwiatkowska and soon after immigrated to Israel with her daughter Ruth.
False identity card  as a non-Jewish woman named Felicja Kwiatkowska
False identity card as a non-Jewish woman named Felicja Kwiatkowska