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Gutwin  is  a local government housing estate located in the northern part of Ostrowiec.

There is a recreation and relaxation center with a complex of artificial water reservoirs.

History- It was a small forest settlement in the 19th century. Its name comes from the surname of the forester, Ignacy Gutwin (Gut). After being incorporated into the city limits the remnants of the former clay ponds and pits were developed and a recreation center was created.

During the Holocaust, it was known that Jewish slave laborers were forced to work in these clay ponds to bring raw materials to the Jaeger Brickyard.

Wojtek Mazan mentions this topic in his blog:

Wojtek writes of Mrs. Rudzka who remembered the activity in the area "mainly because of the events that took place on this road during World War II.

“There was a period when Jews from the ghetto [April 1941 - April 1943], arranged in fours or something, were driven to the ponds near the forest. Where now there is a beautiful center in Gutwin.

This place was called "Jaeger's Ponds". What this name comes from, I don't know [Jaeger brickworks, formerly Jadwigów]. There were wetlands, ponds and dikes. But the shape and usefulness of these ponds were given thanks to the work of Jews from the ghetto.

These Jews from the ghetto were led there, almost every day, along this Priest's Road, on foot, and there they worked to clean up these ponds - "Jaeger's ponds". That was the name of the place where we now have Gutwin.”

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Yekhiel Majer Lerman wrote in his testimony published on his behalf by his brother Shlomo : " I got to work at the German "Jaeger" factory on the outskirts of the city. The work involved making “ponds” to catch fish for the Germans. "

Rubin Katz wrote:  "I hated staying near the ponds there. Apart from the discomfort, the area was teeming with water-rats..."