Malka (Angenicki) Muszkies

Malka in middle with daughters Helen and Ruth
Malka in middle with daughters Helen and Ruth

Malka / Molly (Angenicki) Muszkies

Malka (Molly) Muszkies lived in Ostrowiec and daughter of Szymon (b.1880) and Chawa (daughter of Kasryl and Zysla Rubin) Angenicki (b 1888).   Malka's father Szymon was son of Nachum adn Chaja Sara (Polnicka) Angenicki.

Her siblings were:

  • Frejda b. 1914
  • Alek b. 1918
  • Zysia b. 1921

(All siblings were deported to their death to Treblinka in 1942 )

Malka married Szmul Muszkies and together  ran a photography studio called "Rembrandt", which operated in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski before World War II.

Szmul was murdered during the war in Mauthausen.  Malka and their two daughters, Rutka (now Ruth Webber) and Chaja (now Helen Mueller), survived and moved to North America.

Malka passed away in Toronto around the year 2003.

Chawa (Rubin) Angenicki
Chawa (Rubin) Angenicki

Szmul and Malka Muszkies at their engagment


The Muszkies family in the late 1930s:

Malka, Helen, Ruth and Szmul