Yeshiva Bet Yosef – Iłżecka St. 45


(Photos courtesy of Wajtek Mazan)

Rabbi Shimonovitz opened a new branch of the Novardok - Beit Yosef yeshiva in the early 20th century on Iłżecka 45 in Ostrowiec.

During the Nazi occupation, the Yeshiva became the home of the Judenrat (the Jewish Council established on the orders of the Nazis) and later the rooms became a type of hospital for the sick.

During the October 1942 deportation/liquidation of the Ghetto, some Jews hid in the attic including including Arye (Leibel) Zabner and the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Mordechai Shimonovitz . Details of his tragic death can be read here.

During the liquidation of the ghetto on October 11-12, 1942, most of the contents of the Yeshiva were burnt or destroyed.

More details on the building can be seen on the Heine House page.


Talmud Tora at Bet Yosef
Talmud Tora at Bet Yosef

In 2012, members of the Culture Association "Nie z tej Bajki" accidentally stumbled across books and documents and religious texts (some seen below), which were then handed over to the Historical and Archaeological Museum in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.