Ostrowiec Books

Below are a list of books/sefarim that were published by Ostrowiec authors/institutions before the Holocaust:

Chayei HaMussar

Language: Yiddish

Place: Ostrowiec

Publisher: Higher Rabbinical School "Bejs-Josef" (Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski)

Chayei HaMussar

Beit Meir

Author: Students of Beit Meir

Language: Hebrew

Place: Ostrowiec

Beit Meir

Meir Einei Chachomim

Author: Rabbi Meir Yechiel Halevi Halstock

Language: Hebrew

Place: Ostrowiec

Meir Einei Chachamim

Ramzei Meir

Author: Rabbi Meir Yechiel Halevi Halstock

Language: Hebrew



Below are a list of books are about  Ostrowiec and its former residents:


Author: Adriana Lerman    Language: Spanish

This book  is about the life of Adriana's grandfather Shlomo Lerman, how he escaped from European Nazism, the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the difficulties and obstacles he encountered in finding a place to live due to discriminatory immigration laws against the Jews. Based on the original documents her family found in her grandfather's house after his death. A story rescued from silence. Adriana  managed to give her grandfather a voice and tell what he himself could not. Because the pain was too big…

Book in Spanish language:

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My Name is Józef Nowak

Author: Joseph Rosenberg

Language: English

Gone to Pitchipoi

Author: Rubin Katz

Language: English

Read book online.


Holocaust Survivor: Mike Jacobs' Triumph Over Tragedy

Author: Mike Jacobs

Language: English

Holocaust survivor

De Ostrowiec ao Rio de Janeiro

Author: Moszek Niskier

Language: Portuguese

De Ostrowiec

Life of Michael Novice

Author: Michael Novice

Language: English

Michael Novice

Thank You, America

The Biography of Benjamin N. Berger

Author: Robert K. Krishef

Language: English


My Leap from the Train to Treblinka

Author: Max Ostro

Language: English

My Link from the Train to Treblinka


Author: Konrad Charmatz

Language: English

Nightmares by Konrad Charmatz

Aspaklaria Hameira

Published by: Rabbi Shimon Hirshler and Rabbi Moishe Glausius

Language: Hebrew

Aspaklaria Hameira

The Vow: Rebuilding the Fachler Tribe After the Holocaust

Author: Yanky Fachler

Language: English

The Vow by Yanky Fachler

Anything But His Soul

Author: Mjetek/Moshe Bomberg

Language: English, Hebrew

Anything but his Soul

Endurance: Chronicles of Jewish Resistance

Author: Amnon Ajzestadt

Language: English

Other various books about Ostrowiec in general (local Polish), and others published in Brazil, Poland, Argentina and USA:

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