Ostrowiec Books

Below are a list of books/sefarim that were published by Ostrowiec authors/institutions before the Holocaust:

Chayei HaMussar

Language: Yiddish

Place: Ostrowiec

Publisher: Higher Rabbinical School "Bejs-Josef" (Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski)

Chayei HaMussar

Beit Meir

Author: Students of Beit Meir

Language: Hebrew

Place: Ostrowiec

Beit Meir

Meir Einei Chachomim

Author: Rabbi Meir Yechiel Halevi Halstock

Language: Hebrew

Place: Ostrowiec

Meir Einei Chachamim

Below are a list of books are about  Ostrowiec and its former residents:

My Name is Józef Nowak

Author: Joseph Rosenberg

Language: English

Holocaust Survivor: Mike Jacobs' Triumph Over Tragedy

Author: Mike Jacobs

Language: English

Holocaust survivor

Gone to Pitchipoi

Author: Rubin Katz

Language: English


De Ostrowiec ao Rio de Janeiro

Author: Moszek Niskier

Language: Portuguese

De Ostrowiec

Life of Michael Novice

Author: Michael Novice

Language: English

Michael Novice

Thank You, America

The Biography of Benjamin N. Berger

Author: Robert K. Krishef

Language: English



Author: Konrad Charmatz

Language: English

Nightmares by Konrad Charmatz

Aspaklaria Hameira

Published by: Rabbi Shimon Hirshler and Rabbi Moishe Glausius

Language: Hebrew

Aspaklaria Hameira
Other various books about Ostrowiec in general (local Polish), and others published in Brazil, Poland, Argentina and USA:

photos courtesy of Israel Blajberg

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