Blajberg Family

The Blajberg family 1938
Standing: Mayer, Lola, and Yerachmiel 
Sitting: Hanna, Hilusz, Mindla and Salomon

The Blajberg family 1938
Standing: Mayer, Lola, and Yerachmiel
Sitting: Chana, Hilusz, Ada/Etale and Salomon

Blajberg Family

As related by Israel Blajberg, Brazil:

In this picture, unfortunately, three of the four seated in the first row perished Al Kiddush haShem in the Shoah.

They were: my grandparents Szlama Blajberg and Chana Frejda Blajberg and my cousin Hilusz, z"l.  Ada/Etale survived because she left in 1938 to the country then called Palestine.

Szlama was a merchant.  He dealt with values, and had money to buy visas & passports to send the children abroad. My father, Abram Blajberg, was the first to leave, in 1929 at 19 yrs old, to Brazil.

The three standing fortunately were sent abroad by Szlama: Maier went to Trinidad & Tobago, and after the war to San Diego; Lola was hidden and after the war went to Palestine.  Yerachmiel went to Palestine before the war; Yerach was a POW of the Egyptians, and later was one of the first Jews to came to Beersheba where his wife Amira, a nurse, attended the first deliveries of Jewish children in Beersheba.  Amira was from an old family of Jerusalem, their forebears came to Israel from Bukhara, some even by walking ...

There were a total of 11 children.  Three died at a young age, perhaps because of Tay Sachs disease.  Later in the USA, we had two cases of Tay Sachs in our family.

Mindla & Yehoshua were married, and it was not possible to send them abroad with their children. Unfortunately, they died in Treblinka, with spouses and children. Their names were given to many of our children and the children of the other eight brothers, so they remain alive in our memory. Some of the children even resemble their namesakes.

Yehoshua had a plant for manufacturing brushes, in nearby Apt (Opatow). He made brushes for all the departing brothers, with their names inscribed under the bristles.  I have one of the brushes, inscribed with the initials AB.

The other 6 siblings succeeded in leaving Ostrowiec to the following locations:

Abram - Brazil
Moshe - Kibbutz Usha (founder)
Ada - Tel Aviv
Lola-  hidden by a Pole, later went to Hadera
Yerachmiel - Beersheba
Mayer - San Diego, after being interned in Trinidad & Tobago during the war.

Other photographs taken by Rembrandt Studios in Ostrowiec:

crop yerach lola ada maeyer 1934

Yerach, Lola, Ada & Mayer 1934

crop yechiel mintzberg hilusz 5 years old 19 july 1937 b

Yechiel/Hilusz Mintzberg- 5 years old
19 July 1937

crop estiu and hilusz probably in purim

 Estiu (daughter of Shiale) and Hilusz probably on Purim

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