Chil Majer and Rywka Lerman
Chil Majer and Rywka Lerman

Chil Majer and Rywka Lerman

Source: Adriana Lerman. Edited by Avi Borenstein

Chil Majer Lerman  came from a religious family composed of his mother Malka Klajman, his father Nusym Lerman, and his siblings Jaie Rivka, Aidel, Beile Guitl, and Shlomo.

He was married to Rywka (b. 1895 daughter of Efraim Fishel and Tzipora Kestenberg ) and was a merchant and in Ostrowiec. He had a haberdashery at 2 Okolna Street. They lived at Rynek 22 in front of the Market Square (Rynek) The couple had 4 children:
Yitzhak Lerman - born in 1919, was murdered in Treblinka in 1943 at age 24
Hendla Lerman was born in 1923 and died of typhus in 1940 at the age of 17.
Ajdla Lermam was born in 1928 and was murdered in Treblinka in 1943 at the age of 15.
Lewek (Levi) Lerman, sole survivor of the 4 children.

Holocaust and Post Holocaust family history

Chil Majer and his son Levi survived the Holocaust, but Chil's wife Rywka (Kestenberg) was murdered in Treblinka . Chil Majer along with his son Levi, were under forced labor in the Zaklady steel /Jaeger factory, they were deported to the Czestocice camp, Auschwitz Birkenau, Buna Monowitz, going through a death march to Gleiwitz, Dora Mittelbau, Bergen Belsen, where they were liberated on April 15, 1945 by the United Kingdom's Eleventh Armored Division.

Levi married Lola Richter, also a survivor of the Bergen Belsen refugee camp, and together with his father they managed to reach Argentina where they started a new life.

Levi and Lola had 2 daughters: Miriam and Shoshana.

In Argentina Chil Majer re-married to Etel Grojsman.

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