Dov and Rivka Niskier
Dov and Rivka Niskier

Dov/Berek and Rivka Niskier

Based on discussions with Sergio Niskier and family research

Dov/Berek Niskier lived in Ostrowiec son of Aharon and Chaya/Chana Nisikier.

Dov had atleast one sibling known, a sister Basha who was married to Abraham Adler. Their 2 children Malka and Yehoshua were sent to their death with their parents to Treblinka in Oct 1942,

Dov married Rivka , daughter of Chaim Nachum and Chana Topel (and sister of R' Moshe Yaakov )

Some of their children left Poland before the Holocaust:

  • Mordka Majer (b.1904-d.1969)
  • Moszek  (b.1916-d.1997)  Moszek wrote a book about Ostrowiec and his life in Brazil .
  • Jacob David  (b.1919)

Dov and his wife were sent with most of the town's Jews to their death to Treblinka in October 1942.

  • Their son Shimon died in Bergen Belsen in 1945.

3 other children survived the war and moved  to Israel:

  • Yitschak/Ignatz (b. 1913-d.1993) Yitschak was a heroic fighter in the Polish underground.
  • Renya/Rina (b.1920-d. 2013) - later married Mr Sheves in Israel
  • Ruja/Rosia/ Shoshanav (Niskier) Korn
4.1.1973 Niskier Family-
4.1.1973 Niskier Family-

Picture on left. From left to right: Mordka Kosovsky, Rosia (Niskier) Korn, bride Rosane and groom Sergio Niskier and his parents: Rachel Niskier and her husband Moszek Niskier.

De Ostrowiec ao Rio de Janeiro -by Moszek Niskier
De Ostrowiec ao Rio de Janeiro -by Moszek Niskier