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Kielce Pogrom Memorial Ceremony- June 2021

School Visit in Ostrowiec- April 2022

Aaron Yehuda Leib Hirschman

Maur Family

Moshe Nisenbaum

Nesia Borenstein

Wolgelernter Family

Eliezer Halevi

Leo Spellman/ Szpilman

Leo Spellman/Szpilman Leo Spellman, son of Rubin and Khayale Shpilman, became one of Ostrowiec’s residents and most renowned musicians.  Read his incredible story here.

Joseph Rosenberg

My Name is Joseph Nowak Read excerpts of the fascinating diary of Joseph Rosenberg as written in his book “My Name is Joseph Nowak”.

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Ostrowcer Caitung

Our Word to the Reader Opening article of the Ostrowcer Cajtung- an Ostrowiec Yiddish Newspaper, Issue 1

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The Blajberg Family

Israel Blajberg shared a family photo, circa 1938 The Blajberg Family Standing: Mayer, Lola and Yerachmiel Sitting: Chana, Hilusz, Mindla and Salomon

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