Return of Survivors to Ostrowiec

3rd Anniversary Ceremony of the Deportation of Most of Ostrowiec Jewish Community

The above picture was taken on October 11, 1945 by Avraham Berman when survivors of the Holocaust returned to their hometown in Ostroweice for a ceremony at the Ostrowiec Jewish Cemetery.

We would like to gather the names of those in the photo.  If  you have details, please email us. In the future, we will list the names on this page.

(Photo courtesy of Jack Borenstein who was present at the ceremony)

Ostrowiec survivors near the mass grave

Ostrowiec Survivors- Oct 1945 (Photo Credit: Neal Yaros)
Blum post war
Group portrait of Jews from Ostrowiec

Berel Blum is standing in the center of the picture.

Oct 7 1945- Ostrowiec near mass grave
Shlomo 5th from left. Photo taken in 1945 in Ostrowiec

(Photo taken somewhere in Ostrowiec in 1945- courtesy of Jack Borenstein)

2- Jack Borenstein

4- Yankel (Jack) Rapoport

5- Shlomo Gutwilen

6- Mjetek/Moshe Bomberg

7- Berel Blum (Berek Blumensztok)

8- Moishe (Max) Stern

9- Chaskiel Korenwaser